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Patient feedback

Laurice Shern, an 18 years old girl, who has been suffering from Ewing's sarcoma since 2009. Dr. Liezhen Wang has treated her by

using a distinct technique of acupressure on the internal organ meridian to support her overcoming the side effects of chemotherapy

and radiation successfully during her treatments.

Here is a letter from Laurice Shern: (laurice.shern@gmail.com)

Dear Dr. Wang,

I am so fortunate to have you as my doctor! Thanks to you, I have been able to survive the devastating side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Because of you impressive knowledge of Chinese medicine, I am now able to return back to Williams College stronger than I was before my bone cancer treatment.

At first, it was hard to trust that Chinese medicine would help me fight the 8.5 cm tumor that was lodged on my left second rib. I had grown up believing that Western medicine was superior because I’d met many zhong yi before and never felt that any of their treatment improved my health. However, after I met you, I realized how very wrong I was.

Luckily, my aunt had referred me to your care, and my mom brought me to see you. After just one hour of your medical massage, I felt the pain disappear and instantly felt so much better! I was amazed! Yet this wasn’t the only amazing feat you performed in me. My digestive system slowly returned to normal, and my stomach no longer had to endure the wracking pains inflicted by chemotherapy. I started to feel hungry again and I could eat!

Plus, my tumor shrank to ¼ of its original size after just 2 chemotherapy treatments because I also drank the medicinal herbal soup you prescribed. The ingredients from the soup prevented my tumor from expanding and helped shrink it very rapidly in conjunction with my chemo drugs. The doctors were astounded by my progress and in the end, they only had to remove a tiny margin from my left 2nd and 3rd ribs, as opposed to removing a third of my lungs sternum, and 3 complete ribs.

The medicinal herbal soup was also instrumental in my rapid recovery after each chemotherapy visit. My bone marrow was able to produce red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets more quickly. Due to this, I was able to go in every 2 weeks for chemo and I rarely ever had to have any type of blood transfusion. Plus, I almost never had to be admitted into the hospital for neutropenia (having almost no white blood cells) – most of the cancer patients and survivors I know had this problem very often.

I wouldn’t have been able to survive the rigorous chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation regimen without your help. Thanks to you extensive knowledge and skills, people could never tell I had cancer, even when I was undergoing through the most intensive treatments! Thank you so much. You have been a vital pillar of support for me this last year, and I will always remember how wonderful, caring, and encouraging you are. Because if you, I am still alive. Thanks you to the power of infinity!

Laurice Shern

August 26, 2010

Patient Reviews:

There are 2 patients posted their reviews online on July 8, and July 21, 2009.

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Patient Reviews:

One patient, named Davey, posted his comments at Yahoo! Local site on October 10, 2007.:


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May 2005

Mr. Wang, from San Jose, California, wrote:

I had been suffering from badly insomnia for more than 10 years. All kinds of sleeping pills didn’t work for me. I had to work hard during

the day, but the insomnia made me crazy during the night. I was feeling that I was in the verge of collapse at any time.  

I was lucky to meet Dr. Wang and got his medical attentions in May of 2005. According to my syndromes, Dr. Wang did a comprehensive

analysis. He prescribed a formula of Chinese herb medicine for me. After I took the herb medicine, not only I can sleep the whole night long, but the quality of my sleep was so well.  I am very happy now.


I heard of the Chinese medicine is a “slow martial arts”; but the formula of Dr. Wang prescribed got effect instantly for me! This is my

personal experience and I would like to share with people. It would be great that more people can get helps from Dr. Wang.  He is the one of best Chinese Doctors you have never seen.

Email address:  x.jian.wang@gmail.com

January 2004

Mrs. Gao, from Morgan Hill, California,  wrote:   

Dr. Liezhen Wang has a super medical skill. Here is my personal


I had severely sprained with my right knee during the skiing in January of 2004. Due to the terrible pains, I could not move at all after the injury.

The rescue team was pulling me down to the mountain with a ski mechanical sled. My right knee was swollen larger and larger so that I could not

stand up with my foot and also

my right leg was involved since there was a strange feeling such as numbness on it.

Finally I got a contact with Dr. Wang. After Dr. Wang knew the details of my injury, he inspected me right knee carefully. And then, it only took

twice treatments of traditional Chinese massages by Dr. Wang; my right knee was recovered completely! The magic would be utterly incredible!

 Email address: gao.shaojun@gmail.com

June 2003

Mrs.Fang, from Mountain View, California, wrote:     

My daughter, who is 15 years old, complained that her menstruation had a stop of three month. There were no any reasons to indicate other

situation.  One of our friends recommended Dr. Liezhen Wang to us.  Dr. Wang prescribed 5 packages of herb medicine for her.   After my

daughter had the first package of the herb soup, she found her period came.

Now she has totally normal periods since then. We appreciate Dr. Wang greatly!

 Email address: wxjgsj@gmail.com

Email: liezhenwang@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.acupuncture-wang.com